Why You Should Be Motivated Daily

Life is about growth. Physical growth, evolutionary growth, as well as population growth. But human life is about happiness. That’s all anybody want to be is happy. Of course we all want to survive physically and financially as well, that is why we work jobs, workout, eat, sleep, drink water, and create medicines. That is a default to all life. But it is a human beings sole purpose to be as happy as possible and for some that comes from making others happy.

So when I say happiness, what I’m really talking about is fulfillment. It’s a feeling of peace and righteousness. It’s a feeling of completeness. It’s a feeling of accomplishment and the best way to achieve that feeling is through your passion. That thing you can’t help thinking about doing it everyday. That thing that energizes you and panics you at the same time. For me its marketing and consulting. For some its playing sports or games, and while others it may be the stock market.

When you are good at something it makes you content. When you are great at something, you feel powerful,undefeated and godly. But you can only become great at something if you share a passion for it, you have the hardworking attitude of a champion,and your why is sufficiently enormous to withstand the battle.

We all want to feel invincible. You and I both want to become great at the thing we feel passion about. So, instead of watching TV, hanging with friends, or participating in some other unremarkable task that will bring you no closer to your dreams, lets commit to the dream everyday and whatever is left of our life the best of our life.


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