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Why Brand Building is so Important


Branding is vital. Building brands establishes significant value for companies, and the products or services they provide.

Always remember that every product or service you deliver fuels your branding image. Never think anything less of it. 100 years from now people may forget your product, but IF you deliver brand value they will never forget your name. People have short term memory, it is easier to forget a product than a experience, Steve Jobs once quoted  Sell dreams, not products.because he firmly believed that APPLE would surely outlive the first Macintosh or the first iPhone.

“So how do I build my brand from ground zero?”

  1. Make your brand meaningful, your company should be part extension of yourself or your morals. Be sure to sell that idea to all of customers so they know the background of your company. “A clear brand strategy is built from a clear business strategy. At the heart of any successful brand is that idea of consistency in communications and consistency of experience.”
  2. Be your brand. Live it, breathe it, and eat it. Everything you do should reinforce what your brand means, so if your brand is targeting hipsters… DRESS LIKE A HIPSTER Play HIPSTER MUSIC, Do what it takes to be one with your brand and the consumers! If people can relate to you, you WIN!
  3. Stay Relevant while Growing. Always stay on top of your competitors, think ahead of the market and learn how your brand will evolve over time. As customer and market changes its vital that you stay ahead the curve. Research should be a weekly objective.


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