How To Work Less and Accomplish More Now

Doing the following before will help you gain control of your time and will help you tackle more work with less effort.

1. Prepare for the upcoming week. I personally spend my Sundays reflecting on the past week and planning out my upcoming week. Taking 30 minutes to a hour just to organize and planning can reduce stress and pressure. By planning out my work flow i generally have more time to accomplish my weekly goals.

2. Exercise. Typically my work out days starts on Sundays and ends on Thursdays. 15 minutes of cardio + 20 minutes of weight lifting gives me extra energy, confidence, and more importantly a open mind. I come up with the most creative and sometimes the weirdest ideas while working out.

3. Disconnect. My life is not based on 24 hours availability nor is my work. Remind yourself life is very short and overworking does nothing besides becoming a addiction. Designating a time frame of you reading your emails or responding back to work calls can be very helpful. Creating shortcuts to your schedule can also be very beneficial, lets say you are grabbing lunch and while your server is coming back with your meal you should check your email or respond back to a call since you have nothing else to do.