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Walls That Care

My first time working with a 501 Non Profit Group, the organization is dedicated to bringing clean water to the developing and developments of West Africa. Wallsthatcare.

Help! Whats the best host provider for me?

Choosing the right hosting provider can be very difficult at times and shopping around can be very confusing and time consuming. So how do you determine which Hosting Provider is the best? Well there are 3 things you need to keep in mind when deciding. 1. REVIEWS: Customer/Web reviews/ can be an excellent resource in evaluating […]

Execution, what is it really? Why is it important?

So what does Execution mean in the world and life of a Entrepreneur? Execution involves coming up with an idea that can be completed with your skill set, putting together a team to complete the tasks you can‘t, raising the money necessary to see the project to its completion, developing a product that serves a strong need […]

6 Elements Needed To Become Great

6 Elements Needed To Become Great 1. ATTITUDE is everything. The way in which you think and the way you approach anything in life will determine how successful you are. Adopt a positive, anything-is-possible attitude for success. 2. SUCCESS is the only way. Create a standard for yourself that anything less than success is unacceptable. […]

How To Work Less and Accomplish More Now

Doing the following before will help you gain control of your time and will help you tackle more work with less effort. 1. Prepare for the upcoming week. I personally spend my Sundays reflecting on the past week and planning out my upcoming week. Taking 30 minutes to a hour just to organize and planning […]

How to Start being Successful in 5 Steps.

We all have dreams, goals and ambitions to be successful but whats holding us back? What are doing that we might not be completely aware of?  Shut off of the distractions and continue reading. These five things may be holding you back from your true form. Procrastination. There’s no bigger waste of time than putting things […]

How to become a Successful Person

     1. Making Excuses Stop blaming other people when you don’t get what you want.  You make your own decisions and you make your own mistakes. Stop refusing to accept accountability for your actions, you control EVERYTHING around you. Playing the blame game only creates a longer gap between you and success. 

Why You Should Be Motivated Daily

Life is about growth. Physical growth, evolutionary growth, as well as population growth. But human life is about happiness. That’s all anybody want to be is happy. Of course we all want to survive physically and financially as well, that is why we work jobs, workout, eat, sleep, drink water, and create medicines. That is […]