How to become a Successful Person


1. Making Excuses

Stop blaming other people when you don’t get what you want.  You make your own decisions and you make your own mistakes. Stop refusing to accept accountability for your actions, you control EVERYTHING around you. Playing the blame game only creates a longer gap between you and success. 

2. Fear of Failing

Life is about failing, what we do and learn from after failure is ultimately the most important part about life. Instead of dwelling on the negatives of failure think more into depth on how you could of done things differently, create a new game plan and PROFIT.

3. Becoming Distracted

SOS ( Shiny Object Syndrome ): Being distracted by new ideas and moving on to the next idea as soon as the old one becomes a obstacle. Disruptions are bound to happen and happen they will but you must always remember your goal. When distractions blocks you from your passions than you are moving further and further away from claiming achieving success. Rome wasn’t built in one day, but imagine how long it would of had taken if the engineers and builders were on Facebook all day.


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